Writing great exams is hard work. To develop End of Rotation™ exams, we use a team of outstanding assessment thinkers and exam writers from PA programs across the country. The result is the PAEA Assessment Council and PAEA Exam Development Boards.

Kimberly A. Cavanagh, DHSc, PA-C
Chair, Assessment Council
Gannon University

Olivia W. Ziegler, MS, PA
Physician Assistant Education Association
Assistant Chief of Academic Affairs

Assessment Council

  • Tracy Cleveland, MS, PA-C (Missouri State University)
    End of Rotation Exam Development Board Chair (Emergency and General Surgery)
  • Millie Roach, PhD, PA-C (Kettering College)
    End of Rotation Exam Development Board Chair (Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Health)
  • John D. Sheffield, MPAS, PA-C (South University)
    End of Rotation Exam Development Board Chair (Internal Medicine and Family Medicine)
  • Theresa Riethle, MS, PA-C (Bay Path College)
    PACKRAT™ Exam Development Board Chair
  • David Eckhardt, MS, PA-C (University of Colorado)
  • Bob McMullen, EdD, PA-C (Arizona University of the Health Sciences)
  • Joseph Monaco, MSJ, PA-C (Monmouth University)
  • Nina Multak, PhD, MPAS, PA-C (Drexel University)
  • Sue M. Nyberg, MHS, PA-C (Wichita State University)
  • Anne Schempp, MPAS, PA-C (Shenandoah University)

Exam Development Boards

Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Health

  • Millie Roach, PhD, PA-C  (Kettering College) — Chair
  • Jill M. Cavalet, MHS, PA-C (Saint Francis University)
  • Susan King-Barry, BSN, MPAS, PA-C (Western Michigan University)
  • Melissa Brown, MSPAS, PA-C (DeSales University)
  • Elizabeth Bunting, MS, PA-C (East Carolina University)
  • Jennifer J. Momen, MD (Alderson-Broaddus College)
  • Paula B. Phelps, MHE, PA-C (Idaho State University)
  • Hugh Rappa, MD (Nova Southeastern University)
  • Susan A. Raaymakers, MPAS, PA-C (Grand Valley State University)
  • Susan White, MD (Boston University School of Medicine)
  • Carrie Beebout, MPAS, PA-C (Saint Francis University)
  • David Fredenburg, MD, MPH, MA (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences)
  • David Pitonzo, Phd, PA-C (High Point University)

Emergency Medicine and General Surgery

  • Tracy Cleveland, MS, PA-C (Missouri State University) — Chair
  • Frank Acevedo, MS, PA-C (New York Institute of Technology)
  • Elizabeth Crawford, MS, PA-C (Pacific University)
  • Todd J. Doran, MS, PA-C (University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center)
  • Timothy Ferraroti, DHSc, PA-C (University of Saint Joseph)
  • John Earl Long, MD (Nova Southeastern University)
  • Kristopher R. Maday, MS, CNSC, PA-C (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
  • Catherine B. Pearman, MPAS, PA-C (Eastern Virginia Medical School)
  • Joan Ward, MS, PA-C (University of the Sciences)
  • Nicolette Mosinski, MPAS, PA-C (Gannon University)
  • Patricia Higgins, DO (Midwestern University-Downers Grove)
  • Ronald Bowers, DHSc, PA-C (Kettering College)
  • Angela Conrad, MPA, PA-C (Eastern Virginia Medical School)

Internal Medicine and Family Medicine

  • John D. Sheffield, MPAS, PA-C (South University) — Chair
  • Jennifer Beverly, MMS, PA-C (Rocky Mountain College)
  • Petar A. Breitinger, MPAS, PA-C (University of Florida)
  • Roberto Canales, DHSc, MS, PA-C (Missouri State University)
  • Betsy Ekey, MPAS, PA-C (University of Mount Union)
  • Mary Flanagan, MS, PA-C (Stony Brook University)
  • Melissa Hall, MPAS, PA-C (Saint Francis University)
  • Tina Martinez-Butler, MPAS, PA-C (Texas Tech University)
  • Miguel Pineiro, MHS (Campbell University)
  • Henry Stoll, PA-C (MEDEX Northwest)
  • Brenda Talarico, MPAS, PA-C (Individual Member)
  • Tracey Tonsor, MPAS, PA-C (Elon University)
  • Barbara Slusher, MSW, PA-C (University of Texas Medical Branch)
  • Susan Miller, MSPAS, PA-C (South University)