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Have questions about buying or administering End of Rotation™ exams? We're ready to answer your questions and provide you with support - contact our exam support team today.

Buying Exams

End of Rotation exams are available to fully accredited PA programs that are full members of PAEA. To purchase exams, your program must have an account set up in our exam management system. This is a security provision to ensure that only accredited PA programs can purchase End of Rotation exams — preventing students and others from gaining access to the full set of questions in an unsupervised environment.

If you are a developing program wanting to incorporate these exams into your curriculum and need information on which to build your budget, PAEA can invoice you for the requested exams. The actual purchase of the exams will occur once your program has been granted provisional accreditation and become a PAEA member.

To have your PA program added to our system, have your program director visit the sign-up form, where you will be asked to acknowledge exam policies and enter all information pertinent to setting up your account. To check if your program already has an account — give us a call at 866-749-7601.

Once you have an account, sign into the exam system and get started.


Exams may also be available to international PA programs that are institutional members of PAEA upon special request. These programs must meet our security and proctoring requirements, and purchases are subject to the discretion of our exam team.

Technical Support

Beyond setting up your PA program’s system account, the exam support team can assist you in a number of other ways, including:

  • Resetting passwords for faculty, admin, and students.
  • Processing credit card payments and check on the status of check, money order, or purchase order payments.
  • Walking you through any part of the exam process, from ordering to scheduling to proctoring to reporting.