PAEA Assessment

End of Rotation™ Exams

Teach at the local level.
Assess at the national level.

PAEA End of Rotation™ exams are a set of objective, validated evaluations of the relevant medical knowledge gained in seven core clinical areas, intended to be used in conjunction with other evaluation modalities.


Each 120-question exam is built on a content blueprint and topic list developed by experienced PA educators and national exam experts, specifically for PA programs.


All exam items are peer-reviewed by PA educators and statistically validated for accuracy and consistency by professional psychometricians.


Exams are delivered through a secure, password-protected website. Proctors have full control over exam administration, and question order is randomized for each student.

Administered 50,000 times per year by more than 140 programs

Streamlined exam experience

The exam interface provides a readily accessible standard lab values sheet, an individual time-remaining clock (based on student start time and ADA accommodations), and allows students to flag questions for later review.

Detailed performance reports

Reports by student, by class, by topic and task, including national comparative statistics.
Composite reports are available in Microsoft Excel so program faculty and staff can perform additional analysis.